Friday, May 1, 2015

BREE # 9 May 2015 ~ My Favourite Desserts (我最爱的甜品)

Dessert  is a typically sweet course that concludes an evening meal. The course usually consists of sweet foods, but may include other items.
In world cultures there are a wide variety of desserts including cakestarts,cookiesbiscuitsgelatinspastriesice creamspiespuddingscustards, and sweet soupsFruit is also commonly found in dessert courses because of its naturally occurring sweetness. Many different cultures have their own variations of similar desserts around the world, such as in Russia, where many breakfast foods such as blint, oladi, and syrniki can be served with honey and jam to make them popular as desserts. The loosely defined course called dessert can apply to many foods.

Obviously,the new BREE New Theme for May 2015 is DESSERTS
Is my pleasure that we have Aunty Young to host this theme.
很荣幸的,Aunty Young将会是我们最新的主持哦! 

What you need to do is:
Every post must be display with the BEST RECIPES batch on it(see above). And please link back the post to me & co-host.
Example: I'm joining Best Recipes for Everyone May 2015 Event Theme: My Favourite Desserts Organized by Fion of XuanHom's Mom and co-host by  Aunty Young
This event is open for every blogger friends all around the world.Blogger friends could participate as many posts they want.
Important is all the post must be match with the THEME of that month.And all the post must be current post.
All participant post must be you own bake/cook. If you are using a recipe from a book or website. Please mention the title and author of the book or link of the website.

Special Note: This event will be start on 3rd May 2015 and will be ended on 31 May 2015

Aunty Young will be announce the the links and T & C later.

I hope that all blogger friends will participate my event. And recommend your best and popular desserts recipes to everyone.
I will update the new event & co-host every month. I also like to hear your suggestion for any event theme you prefer.

It would be very fun if you do so.You could email me for any suggestion.

PS:The new inlinkz will be post out soon in the blog post of each co-host!
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