Thursday, February 26, 2015

BREE # 7 ~~ March 2015 My Favourite Traditional Kueh 【我最爱的传统糕点】

With grateful & thankful for all lovely blogger friends who had join our BREE #6 event 【My Homemade Cookies】,we had received more than 300 entries.
Thanks for your participate & kindness for sharing your Best Recipes of cookies with us!
I am apologize here for not able to visit many of our wonderful blogger friends and leave comments due for busy preparation for my CNY.
However,thanks to my pretty & gorgeous co-host Victoria, who had made a wonderful & successful BREE event ever.

Many of you must be asking,what coming next?
Honestly,I am feeling excited for the next co-host & event.

From Wikipedia :
Kuih~ also spelled Kue (Indonesian),kueh or kway (Hokkien/Teochew) are bite-sized snack or dessert commonly found in Indonesia,Malaysia,Singapore as well ad the Southern China provinces of Fujian and Chaoshan.
Kuih ~ fairly broad term which may include items that would be called cakes,cookies,dumplings,pudding,biscuit or pastries and are usually made from rice or glutinous rice or flour.
Kuih~ more often steamed than baked. Many kuih are sweet ,but some are savoury. 

Jajan Pasar in Jakarta.JPG

I am appreciate that a lovely and talented friend become my co-host for the new event, here is she Joceline from Butter,Flour & Me.If you are her royal fan of her blog,must you realize that she has a pair of Angel Hands who had made plenty of yummy and pretty traditional kueh.

Million of thanks for her,really excited ,are you?

**BREE Batch**

What you need to do is:
Every post must be display with the BEST RECIPES batch on it(see above). And please link back the post to me.
Example: I'm joining Best Recipes for Everyone March 2015 Event Theme: My Favourite Traditional Kueh by Fion of XuanHom's Mom and co-host by Joceline of Butter,Flour & Me
This event is open for every blogger friends all around the world.Blogger friends could participate as many posts they want.
Important is all the post must be match with the THEME of that month.And all the post must be current post.
All participant post must be you own bake/cook. If you are using a recipe from a book or website. Please mention the title and author of the book or link of the website.

Special Note: This event will be start on 3rd March 2015 and will be ended on 31 March 2015
Joceline will be annouce the the links and T & C later.

I hope that all blogger friends will participate my event. And recommend your best and popular cookies recipes to everyone.
I will update the new event every month. I also like to hear your suggestion for any event theme you prefer.

It would be very fun if you do so.You could email me for any suggestion.

PS:The new inlinkz will be post out soon!


It's my pleasure to have you here ,please leave a message if you really enjoy^^

  1. Fion,期待这一期的主题开跑,因为我很喜欢吃kuih涅。。。^^

  2. Hi Fion,

    300 entries for BREE!!! Wow! Victoria and you are awesome hostesses! Interesting theme... I will see if I can make any banana kueh this month :D


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