Saturday, August 1, 2015

BREE#12 Best Recipes For Everyone~DimSum (饮茶咯)

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This month,let's us yell really loud: Jom!Let;s go yum cha!
Dim sum ( 点心)is a style of Cantonese cuisine prepared as small bite-sized or individual portions of food traditionally served in small steamer baskets or on small plates. Dim sum is also well known for the unique way it is served in some restaurants, whereby fully cooked and ready-to-serve dim sum dishes are carted around the restaurant for customers to choose their orders while seated at their tables.
Eating dim sum at a restaurant is usually known in Cantonese as going to "drink tea" (yum cha, 飲茶), as dim sum is typically served with tea.
Similar small dishes exist in other varieties of Chinese cuisine, sometimes known in English as dianxin, from the pronunciation of the same two characters for "dim sum" in Mandarin.

It's my honor to have May to co-host the new theme for Best Recipes in this pretty August. And it's also our last theme for this season.
I'm really appreciate that the hosts and the participants in my event. Although it's unwilling to let it end but all good things come to an end too.Hope that we can meet one day in Best Recipes for Everyone.

What you need to do is:
Every post must be display with the BEST RECIPES batch on it(see above). And please link back the post to me & co-host.
Example: I'm joining Best Recipes for Everyone August 2015 Event Theme: DimSum .  Organized by Fion of XuanHom's Mom Kitchen Diary and Co-hosted by May Law
This event is open for every blogger friends all around the world.Blogger friends could participate as many posts they want.
Important is all the post must be match with the THEME of that month.And all the post must be current post.
All participant post must be you own bake/cook. If you are using a recipe from a book or website. Please mention the title and author of the book or link of the website.

Special Note: This event will be start on 3rd August 2015 and will be ended on 31 August 2015

I hope that all blogger friends will participate my event. And recommend your best and popular desserts recipes to everyone.
I will update the new event & co-host every month. I also like to hear your suggestion for any event theme you prefer.

It would be very fun if you do so.You could email me for any suggestion.


It's my pleasure to have you here ,please leave a message if you really enjoy^^

  1. Hi Fiona

    What a waste that BREE going to end, hope will come back soon. Apolgoise for not able to participate for the past months, will definitely be more active for this theme especially since is the last one.

  2. 嗨!主持人, zemok你的家没有放Add Link的, 这么想要收工不干了吗? 嘻嘻。。。,

  3. 别走。。。别走。。。。

  4. Hi Fiona, sad to hear that BREE will come to an end soon. All the best and hope to contribute more for this mth theme.

  5. Hi Fion, is bao and porridge recipes accepted for this theme?

    1. Hi Kimmy,yes,we accept bao & porridge too,any food selling in a Dim Sum Restaurant are accepted :)

  6. Wow! Too many wonderful Dim Sum. I can't do it. My standard is far far from it. But I'll try hard to improve my skill and join in the next time.

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