Wednesday, July 1, 2015

BREE#11 I Have A Date With Pumpkin(我和南瓜有个约会)

Pumpkin~is a cultivar of the squash most commonly is round,with smooth,slightly ribbed skin and deep yellow to orange coloration.
The tick shell contains the seeds and pulp.
Pumpkin~ like other squash,are native to North America.And it's widely grown for commercial use and are used both in food and recreation.
The word 【Pumpkin】originated from the word pepon,which is Greek for large melon,something large and round.The French adapted this word to pompon ,which the British changed to pumpion and later American  changed that to the word that is used today Pumpkin.

Pumpkin are very versatile n their uses for cooking. Most parts of the pumpkin are edible,including the fleshy shell,the seeds,the leaves and even the flowers.
When ripe,the pumpkin can be boiled,baked,steamed or roasted.
So, this month, July 2015,we will starts a new event with this healthy and delicious pumpkin as our theme.
We are welcome all food that using Pumpkin as the ingredients,no matter how many posts you would like to share with us.
Please kindly visit our new co-host for this month ~ Rachel for the details and rules.

What you need to do is:
Every post must be display with the BEST RECIPES batch on it(see above). And please link back the post to me & co-host.
Example: I'm joining Best Recipes for Everyone July 2015 Event Theme: I Have A Date With Pumpkin.  Organized by Fion of XuanHom's Mom Kitchen Diary and Co-hosted by Rachel of The Simply Life.
This event is open for every blogger friends all around the world.Blogger friends could participate as many posts they want.
Important is all the post must be match with the THEME of that month.And all the post must be current post.
All participant post must be you own bake/cook. If you are using a recipe from a book or website. Please mention the title and author of the book or link of the website.

Special Note: This event will be start on 3rd July 2015 and will be ended on 31 July 2015

I hope that all blogger friends will participate my event. And recommend your best and popular desserts recipes to everyone.
I will update the new event & co-host every month. I also like to hear your suggestion for any event theme you prefer.

It would be very fun if you do so.You could email me for any suggestion.


It's my pleasure to have you here ,please leave a message if you really enjoy^^

  1. 南瓜我家最喜欢的,冰箱还有半个呢

  2. 找不到地方链接我的南瓜食谱过来。。。

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